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About Us

Teakley Beginning
       I had found my life stuck in a rut and I wanted to get it back on track. I decided a trip would help. I was out on a hike, when the sun’s blinding rays suddenly hit my eyes. I hastily rummaged through my bag to look for my sunglasses, but could not find them. I must have forgotten to pack them with me. I had no choice but to use my hand to shade my eyes so I could clearly see my way. That’s when my lack of sunglasses gave me a business idea.

     The surrounding towering trees became my inspiration. 
 I found a crumpled receipt in my wallet and I started to write down ideas. I am telling you this now as the founder  of the company, Teakley.

Teakley Woods

   Teakley only uses scrap wood pieces. We do not cut down trees in order to make the frames for our wood sunglasses, and the bezels and dials of our wooden watches. Our mission is to support the environment by using discarded materials to make our products.
We then take them into our workshop, apply our designs, put them in our gorgeous casings, and store them for your orders.

  We want to reach our customers better than any other company. We organized a great team or rock star customer service  representatives to answer any questions and are always open to suggestions of ways we can improve or idea's you might have. We also offer custom engravings to add your own stamp on our unique wood sunglasses and wooden watches.

   The concept of wooden sunglasses and watches is wearing an organic fashion piece. Rather than letting wood scraps rot or burn (which is actually a harmful practice), we integrated them into fashion accessories, resulting in a fresh and quality product.

Here at Teakley, we are honored and humbled to serve you the customer in anyway we can, and promise to do our best to make you a client for life.