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Black Mug 15oz
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Teakley's Jojo Rays
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wooden watches for women
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bamboo sunglasses
designer sunglasses for men by Teakley
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wood sunglasses
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Teakley's Cosmo Rays
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wood sunglasses men
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Teakley's Makita Rays
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handmade bamboo sunglasses
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Benefits Of Wood Products

Wood is more Durable than plastic. Naturally, wood is hypoallergenic unlike the case of plastic which might end up bringing some allergic reactions forcing you to incur extra cost in seeking medical attention. Naturally, wood is beautiful. We have different types of woods with different textures, colors, and patterns.

What Makes Wooden Products Special?

Everyone wants to be unique, getting wooden products means getting something that is unique in every way. Different studies have proved that people who are exposed to wood stay calmer and happy. This translates to positive effects on the well-being of the person.