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Wood Sunglasses, and why you should Ditch Plastic Sunglasses

Have you ever felt the need to purchase something unique? Something that will prevail in the changing trends and fashion statements? Ergo, something timeless? Quite often when we pass by people wearing the latest gizmo and trendy wear, we turn to have a second look and possibly lament, “What a fine wear,” however, you too have the opportunity to score something much more, beyond time and the scourge of fashion trends. “What?” You ask, well, it falls in the line of accessories, but it’s unlike ever seen, a vintage item that offers more luster than gold or silver, something that can hold up with anything you wear, wood sunglasses.
Wooden sunglasses are indeed something you can keep for quite some time, even when the season's shift and fashion trends fade into oblivion, more so, because wood is timeless, think of the trees that have lived for thousands of years and are still looking as glam as ever, only in huge sizes. Only that, your watch wouldn’t grow in size, it’ll just maintain its appeal.
Most of the plastic shades are mass-produced, cheap and don’t do much to improve your visage. It may be time to consider a more serious look into your accessories and begin by ditching plastic sunglasses for wood sunglasses.

Stylish Eye-wear from the Roots

Being stylish and authentic is a sure way to beat bland mass production standards in the fashion world. Nothing screams awesomeness than saving sunglasses with wooden frames. These are the best diverse options one can opt for, for their ‘visors’.

High-Quality Unique Handcrafted Pieces

Wood is a unique material and it tops anything synthetic out there, think of wooden furniture, tables, wardrobes, doors, etc., these products have their value increased simply by being made from wood. Moreover, handcrafting introduces a sense of personal touch, even a smith in the days of yore added pieces of his soul with every clang of his hammer against molten steel, to make a fine broadsword.

Reasons you should get wood sunglasses and ditch your plastic ones!

The growing trend of not only wooden sunglasses but also bamboo sunglasses can be attributed to the fact that we are becoming more environmentally conscious. Despite a majority of brand retailers and stores selling plastic or metal ones, wood seems to be resilient and determined, as more attention on saving the planet from plastic pollution.
However, being environmental friendly shouldn’t be the only reason why you should ditch those plastic and metal shades. Here are some reasons why you should get wooden sunglasses:

Wood Sunglasses Float

Wood has this wonderful property despite being a chunk of mass, it floats. Imagine going for summer vacation on the lakeside, or at the beach and your sunglasses fall off into the water, remember a lake isn’t like a swimming pool you’ll peer into and get to see the bottom. With plastic frames, they’ll be lost forever into the abyss and await geological shifts a million years into the future, but with wooden frames, they’ll float and you can grab them and dry them off.

Plastic frames can cause allergic reactions

Albeit, quite uncommon, plastic does elicit allergic reactions in some people, this is often termed as allergic contact dermatitis. The main cause precisely is usually residual chemical agents found in plastics. Wood is a natural product and our bodies always accept natural products, a pair of wooden frames are just what you need.

Every Pair is unique

As mentioned earlier, the mass production standards of plastic sunglasses have no sense of uniqueness, in fact, you’d be surprised at how many people are wearing the same item you are wearing, in a given frequency. However, a wood sunglass cannot be compared with the next wooden piece because there is no exact same piece of wood. Bearing that in mind, from the word go, the sunglass piece was born to be unique.
Moreover, you can take note of the grooves in the wood, these grain patterns are different from each piece. Having a wooden sun-glass over your head makes it unique as no one else has the exact same piece.

Strongly at one with Mother Nature

We have transformed Mother Nature’s gift to us into something useful and trendy too. But when we use plastic, we are simply chemically altering products of nature. Wood and bamboo sunglasses have an aura of simplicity among them and also serve as a reminder of our connection with wood.

Wood Sunglasses are Cool

This is something you cannot deny, wood looks cool. Perhaps, this is why it’s often embedded in luxury vehicles and in flooring's in interior design. Embedding wood in items gives it a luxurious, unique model that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Moreover, it gives you the natural look while still looking glamorous and are handmade so giving them individuality further.

Would You Choose Plastic Over Wood?

To those heralding wood as antiquated, re-evaluating your sense of fashion, it should go that retro is the way. Bring back something that isn’t expected. Fashion aside, we also need to be considerate of the only place we call home, synthetic materials only serve to pollute the environment because they were not meant to be. Synthetic materials also trigger allergic conditions to some of us and thus we need to critically think about what’s best for not only us but also the environment as well. Wood sunglasses are the best, in serving both interests, the planets and ours.
Wood sunglasses are unique from being singularly handcrafted from an individual piece of wood. Moreover, it is trendy having a timeless accessory as part of your fashion sense. In the near future, we’ll be debating over which wooden frames are the best, sandalwood, Maplewood, kosso or bamboo textures and not about color tones of synthetic material.
Teakley wood frame sunglasses collections have a wide selection where you can find the right wood to match your personality. Something that won’t disappoint you in the name of fashion and trendsetting.

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