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Maintaining Your Wood Sunglasses and Watches

Cleaning wood is certainly unlike cleaning cars, you just don’t find any detergent or soap and with water. An element of care must be included when cleaning wooden items, not all cleaning materials can do, some are harsh and will eat away at the wood, or even worse bleach it. Cleaning wood sunglasses and other accessories like watches, the same principle must be applied, you’ll also need to take care you don’t soak the material or bring it in contact with water for longer periods.
Most wooden accessories are produced with natural and untreated woods. Therefore, they are natural, it’ll soak up moisture from your wrist and the surroundings to give it a glow and maintain its look. To clean your wood sunglasses and watches, you may have to use something else other than water.

Cleaning and Maintaining a Wooden Watch


You need to keep your precious wood sunglasses or watch clean and free from dirt and dust if you want them functional in the many years to come. We understand that most people will feel uncomfortable without a watch or are afraid to lose it if they take them off, however, if you want something to last longer, you’ll have to reduce the frequency at which you use it.
Essentially, your watch comes into contact with many things during the day, enough to fill the crevices and gaps with dirt and debris, if we don’t clean them out more often, we risk having our faithful devices fail on us.

Cleaning the Wood Case: 


You’ll need the following items:

  1. Tissue, cotton cloth or swab
  2. Olive oil, walnut oil, beeswax, lip balm
  3. Lemon Juice extract

To properly and safely clean wooden accessories, mix olive oil and lemon juice and apply the mixture, with a tissue or a cotton swab thoroughly on your product. Then use a clean tissue or cotton swab to remove the excess oil.
You can also use walnut oil, beeswax, lip balm, or some hand cream, in place of olive oil. Doing this regularly maintain the natural glow look of your wooden product.

Cleaning the Straps

To better clean the straps, remove them from the case. Use a tissue or cotton balls to clean the surface, and remove dirt and debris. You can also gently scrub the areas that need more attention. Then apply the mixture of oil and lemon juice as above. Then clean off excess oil with a cotton ball to restore its color and give it more rich texture.
Attach it back to the clean case and there you have it, a clean wooden accessory.

Setting The Time

Most people don’t comprehend the necessity of having the correct time shown on your timepiece. Having a watch set with the correct time keeps the mechanics and movements optimal and functioning. Follow the guide below to set your watch to the correct time.

  • Take off your watch, to minimize stress when working on the crown
  • Gently pull the crown outwards from its locked position
  • Then rotate the crown until you arrive at the correct time.

Always remember to set the watch going clockwise, don’t set the time going ‘backward’ as it affects the interior spring mechanisms.

Don’t Expose Wood To Extreme Temperatures


It is critical to keep your wood watch away from the extremities of heat and cold. When exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures, wood can splinter, dry and become brittle. This is merely the natural reaction of wood material and not a defect, therefore, avoid leaving you wood watch at the hood of a car in the mid-winter breeze or in the hot dry summer air. These extreme temperatures can potentially slow down the movement of your watch and cause your time to veer off.

Contact with Water

You can wash your hands while wearing your watch, and even walk in the rain, wood watches can withstand the typical splashes. However, the cautionary aspect here is to avoid direct contact with water, complete immersion of your product in water i.e., swimming with your watch or showering with it, destroys the wooden material. Wood can deteriorate or decompose when overexposed to water, just like any other organic material.
In case of an accident, dry it with a soft cotton towel that will soak up the moisture and if you have a thin resin that is water resistant you can apply it on the product to repel moisture and preserve the quality of the wood.


After a hard day’s work and you all set for bedtime, take off your watch and store it safely, keep it is a clean corner away from too much light or where it can easily be knocked off or have water spill on it. Keep it away from the dog who can snatch it and start chewing on it. When traveling for long hours, take off your watch and place it in its box.
Put it in safe places like on the top of your dresser, in the dresser drawer, or the watch box it came with.

Battery Replacement

A watch’s battery life is roughly 1-2 years and so, it is always recommended that you replace batteries after such duration. Moreover, it is highly recommended that you go to a watch repairman or jewelry shop to handle the replacement for you. The watch needs the correct battery to function executively.
By employing these tips, your wooden watch will last longer and maintain its original luster even after years of service. Moreover, your watch mechanism will not weaken and break down fast.

Cleaning and Maintaining Wood or Bamboo Sunglasses

The principle is also the same with wooden sunglasses, avoid direct contact with water and clean using olive oil and lemon juice to preserve the original, natural texture.
To clean the lens, however, you’ll need a microfilm cloth and avoid scratching the lenses when cleaning it.
Cleaning wooden accessories have never been easier with this guide.

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