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Health Benefits of Wooden Watches for Men and Women

First off, I’d like to mention the essence of the wood material in our presence. Wood is great for health and general well being and most importantly, good for your brain. From a report titled, Wood - Housing, Health, Humanity produced by Planet Ark’s Make It Wood campaign, has outlined that, exposure to wooden furniture, fittings, and other items has to reach health and wellness benefits. Some of the findings listed in the report include:

  • Senior residents in care facilities interacted more with each other when placed in a wooded environment, i.e., wooden furniture and fixings.
  • Students in a classroom composed of wooden desks and chairs had lower heart rates and psychological stress responses compared to students in a plastic or metal environment.
  • In the workplace, two out of three workers preferred offices with wooden materials i.e., furniture, desks, and blinds over a similar office but with plastic and metal items.

The report candidly examines the effects of wood and show the benefits of living, working and learning in environments having wooden furnishing and fixtures.
These studies clearly demonstrate that being near wood or the presence of wood in our environment can impact our physiological and psychological aspects positively. The natural warm feelings and comfort expressed by wood in people, effectively lowers blood pressure and heart rates, subsequently reducing stress, anxiety, and risk of stroke and further boosting positive social interactions. Wood products have also been reported to moderate humidity in a room and improving indoor air quality.

Benefits of Wooden Watches


Wooden watches are not only for their beautiful and trendy appearance, but also for their natural and environmental friendliness. The wood material itself is also durable and strong, but these qualities differ from the type of wood. Of course, wood watches are healthier than their counterparts made from metal, and other materials.
Metal has one distinct property, it expands on heating, and wood doesn’t expand as much as metal, ensuring all the components inside don’t expand and slow down the movement of the hands. This is just one of the reasons why to wear a wooden watch. Wood is also eco-friendly, natural, ecological and visually appealing.

Wooden watches are non-toxic/chemical-free

Watches are meant to be worn close to the skin at all times unless you have one of those antique locket watches, and the skin tends to absorb stuff. Having wood regularly close to the skin is relatively safe, since the skin will mostly absorb chemical free, non-toxic wood particles. Moreover, wood is natural and our bodies rarely get allergic to natural products, this is also evident in the oils and cosmetics we apply.
Since our wooden watches for women and men are handcrafted, artisans take into consideration the materials they use and come into contact with when making these watches. The result is a lovely, chemical free and non-toxic wooden watch. Furthermore, due to advancements in crafting techniques and better finishing tactics, wooden watches are made from products that don’t pose a health hazard to the wearer, unlike metal.
Metal watches, on the other hand, tend to be unhealthy from the word go! Metal is an inorganic material and as such if our skin absorbs metal particles the end result is not always good. Long-term exposure could potentially lead to metal poisoning or worse, cancer.

Wood Watches Help us relax and stay calm

Of course, wood has the calming effect, they lower our heart rate and puts our bodies at ease. Woods lowers the rate of stress and anxiety development, witnessed every day in offices, and classrooms.

Wood watches are hypoallergenic

Wood sunglasses and watches are all made from natural and untreated woods. Therefore, this essentially means that our products are hypoallergenic, i.e., they don’t cause allergies. Wood is a natural organic material and our bodies are organic and cannot reject wood. Metal and plastics, on the other hand, are inorganic and synthetic components, these will elicit violent reactions from our bodies in the form of allergies.
If you have experienced allergies from metal against your skin, then wooden watches are the perfect solution to your predicament. Most people don’t even know they have metal allergies until later when their bodies have absorbed larger quantities of the metal particles. Some common allergic reactions include: Change in skin color, severe rashes, and irritations that may lead to skin breakage and wounds developing.
Metal allergies are often initiated by histamine reactions, histamine is a compound released when the body has absorbed a foreign component and is allergic to it. This is one of the reasons why some people cannot simply wear pure metal jewelry.

Wooden watches are nickel-free

Nickel is a metal used primarily in most digital or mechanical watches’ back plates. The effects of nickel allergies are far harsh for those who seemingly can’t live without a watch, or those who enjoy wearing timepieces. Nickel allergies often lead to blisters breakouts which swell and burst becoming irritated by grime and dirt.
A wooden watch’s back plate is not made of any metal, in fact, our wooden watches’ casings are 100% wooden.

A disconnect with nature

A parting shot, our modern society has made it fine work to detach us from our relationship with nature. In a span of one generation, children playtime has switched from outdoors to indoors, and working hours have increased, subsequently increasing our stress levels. Technology, on the other hand, isn’t doing much to help us, instead, it’s robbing us of our sleep and social interactions. All these aspects coalesce into one big issue, “we have detached ourselves from Mother Earth and Nature.”
Moreover, increased urbanization and increased demand for housing units due to rural-urban migration, less and less space are left for nature, even the small corners we’d like to call parks are merely not enough, as we can note the increased number of obesity and mental health conditions.
Purchase wooden watches for men and women from Teakley and bring yourself back to nature.

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